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2008 Announcements & Press

Find out how Hostway’s products, promotions and company events are making headlines by checking out our latest press releases.

06/10/2008 – Research by Hostway shows that virtualisation will drive SaaS adoption

08/09/2008 – Hostway urges professionals to go .Pro – Registration rules relaxed for .Pro domain name

02/06/2008 – Hostway slices cost and raises speed of server deployment with virtual server farms

27/03/2008 – Hostway UK accelerates global web experience with launch of Content Delivery Network

26/03/2008 – .Asia sites are now live on the web and UK businesses are being encouraged to register domains if they trade with the region

20/02/2008 – Hostway warns businesses to register for .Asia domain names as Landrush opens

07/02/2008 – Hostway offers unique .Asia cash-back promotion for two weeks only

01/01/2008 – Hostway announces Dual Core IBM server promo featuring two months FREE and doubled RAM

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