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Angry Birds for Android crashes app store

Angry Birds, the popular app for Apple iPhones, has been made available for mobile phones running Google Android

London, 15th Oct 2010: Initially, the full 150-level version of the game is only available through GetJar – an alternative multi-format app store. Unfortunately, no-one could predict just how many Android owners would attempt to get their hands on the game, and as a result both GetJar and the website of the game’s developer Rovio have suffered an outage.

“Oops! Due to the enormous traffic generated by the Android launch of Angry Birds, is down,” reads a message on the Rovio site. Meanwhile, Android users attempting to download the game from GetJar are told: “The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”

Neil Barton, director of hosting company Hostway, said that while having a great application or service is all well and good, but if people are unable to access it can be potentially damaging to the brand.

“Mobile services can be hard to benchmark and it can be difficult to estimate how many people will want to access the service. This means that if the initial demand exceeds expectations, mobile services can start creaking or even be rendered unavailable which immediately creates a negative impression,” he said.

Barton said those hoping to make it big in the mobile space should ensure services and applications have the right mix of technology to support them.”

Angry Birds is set to be made available on the official Android app store, App Market, in the near future. Both versions feature ads. However a paid-for ad-free version will also be made available.

by Carrie-Ann Skinner

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