Technology Partners

It’s impossible to succeed in business without aligning with good partners. At Hostway, we understand the importance of having good and influential friends, allowing us to offer our customers complementary services from the following technology and strategic leaders in the industry.


Microsoft® is a global leader in technology services, software products, Internet technologies and development tools. A Certified Partner, Hostway UK offers the leading Microsoft operating systems, software and platform services to our customers.

IBM Business Partner

IBM’s DB2 database software leads the market with its robust and complete feature set. Its ability to run on multiple platforms allows Hostway to provide services to its customers, regardless of their perferred operating system.

In addition to helping to improve energy management, IBM System x™ and BladeCenter® servers help optimize performance, reliability and manageability for a potentially lower cost of ownership.

VMware Authorized Hosting Provider

Hostway have been an authorized VMware Hosting Provider and server virualisation specialist since 2005. VMware technologies help us deliver highly redundant, high availability dedicated solutions for mission critical websites, applications and the Private Cloud.

Zeus Traffic Management

Zeus Technology provides software that enables our customers to create, manage and deliver exceptional online services through the visualization and manipulation of traffic flow to their web-enabled applications or websites.

Adobe Solution Partner

Hostway are an official Adobe ColdFusion Solution Partner and ColdFusion hosting specialist with over 10 years’ experience in supporting businesses like yours.


Conjungo™ is the world’s only independent, technology information and supplier search platform that helps end-user organisations to understand technology in layman’s terms and to find locally accredited suppliers to work with.


Level(3) provide our Primary UK backbone to LinX (London Internet Exchange).

Cable and Wireless

Cable and Wireless provide a peering BGP backbone to Chicago and Europe.


Savvis provide Hostway with Transatlantic connectivity as well as supplementing our European connectivity via their extensive European peering and points of presence. The addition of connectivity via Savvis allows us to peer with two LinX connected ISP’s giving our customers true Network resilience.


Hostway are proud to be RIPE NCC members and are active members of the European Internet provider community. We also hold LIR status and are able to assign and allocate IP space as our customers require it.


As part of our plans to offer enterprise customers the ability to truly globally load balance their web infrastructure, Hostway recently invested in twelve Foundry ServerIron 4G application delivery switches, with integrated DNSProxy and GSLB capabilities.


Hostway offer custom firewall solutions based primarily on Juniper Netscreen® Firewall technologies. These solutions actively protect complex enterprise hosting infrastructure, and can also penetrate into a client’s customer base, allowing ‘fully meshed’ VPN implementations to be created. This in turn creates a complete distributed solution between client, public user, and developer.


Cisco is chosen to provide Hostway with core routers. It enables us to achieve high availability and high performance.

IBM xSeries

Hostway has selected IBM® as its strategic supplier of server hardware. All IBM Hardware is built to a high specification and is stress tested and benchmarked before being implemented within any Histway infrastructure.

Hewlett Packard

Clients preferring other premium branded server hardware can be accomodated thanks to our global agreements with all key server vendors such as Dell and HP.


Hostway employ VMware ESX & ESXi Server to transform or “virtualize” the hardware resources of an x86-based server —including the CPU, RAM, hard disk and network controller — to create fully functional virtual machines that can run their own operating systems and applications exactly like traditional dedicated servers, only with far greater efficiency and redundancy.

VMware’s virtual machines deliver better availability than dedicated servers because they can be load-balanced more cost-effectively, or migrated from one server to another in real time, with little or no downtime thanks to VMotion™.


Our 3rd generation VPS platform is driven by the latest versions of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers and Plesk 9. Parallels is a worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software that optimizes computing for consumers, businesses, and service providers across all major hardware, operating system, and virtualization platforms.


Microsoft SQL Server is a comprehensive, integrated data management and analysis software that enables organizations to reliably manage mission-critical information and confidently run today’s increasingly complex business applications.


A multi-user, multi-threaded database server, MySQL offers speed, robustness and ease of use. Hostway’s MySQL databases are hosted on dedicated MySQL servers, ensuring server resources are devoted to database processing for faster performance.

Red Hat

RedHat® is the creator of one of the most popular Linux distributions and supplies Hostway with the software that powers our Linux-based servers, successfully and seamlessly delivering Web sites to the Internet.


CentOS is our standard distribution on all Linux VPS Root machines and, along with Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora, shows our equal commitment to the Open Source platform model.

Hitachi Data Systems

The Hitachi Data Systems™ Adaptable Modular Storage Array, Hostway’s primary UK based storage platform, meets the requirements of many enterprise clients that we deal with, and Hostway can offer alternatives right across the range, from simple Network Attached Storage devices, to high level Storage Area Networks running fibre and clustered replication.


Drawing on new solutions from other primary storage suppliers such as EMC, Netapps, and Onstor, our engineers can design and implement solutions based on gigabit Ethernet NAS or SAN, fully meshed and redundant fibre networks, or clustered solutions that allow for storage virtualisation, bit level replication and mirroring – all within the solution, or also across different sites.


Hostway are at the forefront of Fibre SAN networks and working with Brocade have deployed a 4GB dual fibre meshed network which expands on an edge based approach for each client using the Silkworm range of products to ensure speed, data integrity and absolute security.


Decru enable advanced encryption algorithms to be applied to live data, backup data and even offsite archive data. Wire speed and transparent data encryption ensure that all types and forms of access are strictly regulated and recorded, with a view to helping our clients become compliant with a wide range of Archiving and Privacy regulations, both current and future.


VeriSign™ is the industry leader in secure server certificates issuing authority and offers infrastructure services that make the Internet secure and reliable. Verisign provides Hostway with SSL encryption certificates.


Geotrust are the second largest digital certificate provider in the world, and provide a widely recognised 128bit SSL certificate that gives our customers a cost-effective means of covering both the security and confidence requirements of their websites.


Thawte certificates have the same functionality as the Geotrust equivalents, but because of the additional security checks they carry out on application, they are often seen as providing an ‘extra’ mark of security to customers.

Secure Trading

Our Merchant Manager Ecommerce platform currently incorporates these payment gateways, giving store owners and online customers a flexible range of options.

ICANN certified

Through our registration arm and wholly owned subsidiary DomainPeople, Hostway is a trusted, premier provider of Domain Solutions for the Internet industry. As the eighth ICANN-accredited domain registrar, DomainPeople has registered over 650,000 domains worldwide and have clients and customers in over 130 countries. DomainPeople has accreditations with: ICANN®, CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority), Verisign®, Afilias, NeuStar®, GNR (Global Name Registry), Public Interest Registry™, RegistryPro™, ENIC, mTLD, EURid, and NASK.

.Asia .biz .ca ICANN Partner .info INTA .name .org .pro Verisign .tel

As a leading registrar we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of all Internet domain releases, and actively work with ICANN and our domain partner affiliations to ensure Hostway customers get access to the latest domains, at the most advantageous prices.

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