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“It is rare to find this level of support”

I have been a customer of Hostway for some years on a small level but over the last 2 years since I set up my own business, I have been very impressed with the calibre of your IT team and the level of support that they provide. Everyone I have spoken to over the last 2 years has been incredibly helpful, supportive and very patient as they talk me through the steps I need to take to carry out any installation or amendments. It is rare to find this level of support and having recently used the assistance of 2 of your IT people again to sort out what may have been an Outlook malfunction, I felt that I needed to express my gratitude in a more formal way. Your IT people are the best – knowledgeable, helpful, fluent in English (it helps!) and unfailingly patient to those of us not so knowledgeable or so patient. They are great and I would like to pass on my sincere thanks and admiration for what they do.

Kathleen Wilson

“Hostway is truly a highly reliable Web solutions provider”

I have been with Hostway for the last six years, and I have a genuine reason to smile! Hostway is truly a highly reliable Web solutions provider. During the six years, we have not experienced a single moment of downtime, something that leaves us wondering how you achieve this! You have been a true catalyst in our growth from the few Web visitors at the initial stages to the current hordes of visitors that our Web site receives every day. That has resulted in our business expanding exponentially! Thanks a million for the many new ways you ensure that our Web site visitors’ experience is qualitatively superior!

Moses K. Mwangi

“Thanks to Hostway’s excellent Web hosting services!”

About one year ago I purchased a plan with Hostway to host my production company’s (Vanishing Point Productions) first Web site, Setting up the service was simple, and the technical support team was excellent and prompt in answering our questions and concerns. Thanks to Hostway’s excellent Web hosting services our site has always come up quickly and efficiently. We have had numerous monthly visitors, and many have complemented us on the quality of design on our site, as well as the speed it is served. Hostway has really helped to get my company’s name out there and has greatly improved the reach of our product. Thank you.

Steve Rubin

“...The ‘wisdom behind the scenes’ is what keeps me a Hostway faithful!”

Going through the process of developing a Web site, I understand how critical the provider of our hosting service is to our success. I equate it to ‘wisdom behind the scenes.’ Trust me, it is an unbelievable comfort knowing that I do not have to worry (a ‘defensive’ issue) about the functioning of my Web site. With that out of the way, I can concentrate on the ‘offensive’ services Hostway provides. I am becoming an expert in assessing my business using the data that Hostway provides in organized and useable formats. By simply inputting my password, Hostway provides me a wealth of traffic analysis. This offensive analysis gives me the ability to quickly determine what marketing strategies are working or not working. The ‘wisdom behind the scenes’ is what keeps me a Hostway faithful!

Chris Flynn

“I set up an ecommerce site with Hostway… we are doing great.”

About seven years ago, we started We created custom save-the-date photo magnets for brides, and they loved them. So we put up a rough Web site with some cheap hosting and we really did not get much online business for the first two years.

Then, five years ago, I set up an ecommerce site with Hostway. I took an online marketing course, and we started showing up on the top of the search engines. We got a merchant credit card account, and the orders just keep coming in. We now do this business full-time and we are doing great.

Rolf and Susan Hansen

“…we continue to grow each year thanks to Hostway.”

Your customer support is incredible. We construct custom, in-ground swimming pools and waterfalls starting at more than $100,000 for the discriminating buyer. Our company Web site is our only source for leads, yet we continue to grow each year thanks to Hostway.

Ultimate Pools LLC

“Hostway was there for us every time we needed technical assistance.”

RMR may be one of the most frequent callers to Hostway technical department for the last four years. Hostway was there for us every time we needed technical assistance. Their customer service representatives are very polite and friendly, they exercise a lot of patience (because they know we are computer illiterate) and most of all very knowledgeable and professional. Their customer service representatives are second to none. ;Keep up the good work, guys.

The RMR Team

“Excellent customer service. No downtime problems. Everything that was offered and promised was given right away.”

Hostway has given us excellent customer service. We have no down-time problems with our site, and everything that Hostway offered and promised, we were given right away. Hostway’s support team has always gotten back to us immediately, and our Web designers always got the help they needed. As our company was new to the Web, and not so technical, when problems came up, they were addressed with the highest possible quality. Thanks Hostway!

Katherine Medina

“Hostway set up a customized program just for me.”

As my Web site, grew during the past several years, Hostway’s plans did not provide the needed bandwith to help the site grow. A sales representative at Hostway spoke with her manager and set up a customized program just for me.

Recently, Hostway added increased bandwidth, file sums and storage size at an incredibly low price to their plans. I was able to save money by switching to the new plans but am grateful for Hostway’s awesome professionalism and assistance in listening to my needs and helping me on an individual basis.

Because I am able to count on Hostway for Web hosting reliability, price and great customer service, I use this company exclusively for 10 Web sites I maintain. Thank you Hostway!

Debbie Stock

“Everything to create and manage my site was built with your software!”

I have recently setup Web hosting with Hostway and I must say that I am VERY impressed! Everything to create and manage my site was built with your software; this is 21st Century computing! Thank you!

Daniel Hudsky

“I see no reason to use anyone else, and as long as I’m the one arranging hosting for clients, Hostway will be my choice.”

I’ve designed a dozen or so Web sites for various clients of my firm, The Offswitch, and since I found it so easy registering, hosting and maintaining my own site with you, I’ve talked most of these clients into using Hostway, too. This is where the story turns…Two clients in the past had already arranged hosting with other companies, and asked me only to “redesign” their site and upload new pages, add new email names, etc. OUCH! I assumed all hosts made it as easy as you did with your SiteControl tools! But no…I also found these two other Web hosting companies to be more expensive, yet less professional in the area of tech support (let alone almost dismissive of this Mac user). I see no reason to use anyone else, and as long as I’m the one arranging Web hosting for clients, Hostway will be my choice.

Alan Segal

“Since moving to Hostway my problems have stopped.”

When I first launched in 2002, the 10,000 or so visitors it drew each month posed little problem to the server I had at the time. As the site grew, so did problems with the server, and visitors were getting errors rather than viewing my site.

Since then I moved to Hostway, and all those problems stopped. My visitors have no trouble getting to my site and come back—often! now averages around 200,000 viewers per month and growing. Now, when I get email from viewers it is not about not being able to see the new content!

Tom Hintz

“The Gold Plus plan allows CurtainUp to keep theater enthusiasts throughout the world up-to-date with news and reviews.”

When I had to find a new Web hosting service in a hurry because my previous service had sold off its hosting business to a company that simply wasn’t up to the task, several people recommended Hostway as a solid alternative, which would fit within my budget. The transfer was indeed quick and painless, and the Gold Plus plan allows CurtainUp to keep theater enthusiasts throughout the world up-to-date with news and reviews, features and pictures. This site is a business in that everyone involved is a professional theater journalist, and we take what we do seriously—but it’s a labor of love more than a high-flying tech publication. The SiteMail service, the quick online and telephone support and the Web statistics all enable us to focus on continuing to provide interesting content.

Elyse Sommer

“I wouldn’t even think of looking for a server elsewhere.”

I started out designing Web sites and just happened onto Hostway…I think it was a ‘fluke’ via an Internet search but it was the best thing that happened because five years later, I now have a total of four Web sites that are hosted by Hostway.

The first Web site that I used Hostway for was I was a real novice at designing Web sites and getting them out there. But, the Hostway staff was always courteous and very helpful to me even though I didn’t know what I was doing! You must understand that I am a self-taught Web designer…by just purchasing Front Page, along with the book, Teaching Yourself Front Page 2000 by Ruth Maran. Of course, the book taught me everything I needed to know when it came to designing the Web page. But, when it came time to publishing it; that was another story! So, that is where I found out that Hostway had a great group of people to work with.

My second Web site published on Hostway is Because I had such a great experience with Hostway the first time, I wouldn’t even think of looking elsewhere for a server.

Since that time, I have added another Web site, My husband is a Viet Nam Veteran and he and some of his buddies have found each other after leaving Vietnam 35 years ago…so, we’ve put together the B Troop Web site in order to find more of the Troop.

Noreen Haines

“...I believe your customer service is unparalleled!”

I’ve been a customer for more years than I can remember, have six or so domains hosted with you, and believe your customer service and response is unparalleled!

Howard Swaim

“Managing my sites could never be easier.”

I have been a satisfied customer since 2001. Over the years, Hostway has provided me an affordable and INCREDIBLY RELIABLE server for my Web pages. With your SiteControl service managing my sites could not be easier. I set up an alias site to share course information with my students and it was as easy as a couple of mouse clicks! Being a designer I come into contact with many people that pay much higher prices for their hosting service and often complain about service or site management difficulties. I always steer them toward your company with utmost confidence they will be pleased with your service. Thank you for years of reliable, friendly and responsive service! I look forward to many more!

David Hoctor

“My questions are getting answered by friendly, ready and eager to please customer service.”

I was using other Web hosting businesses located in the U.S. and in Canada and left them feeling unsatisfied as I searched for a good deal, with good service. Then I stumbled upon Hostway and ever since I joined, my questions are getting answered by friendly, ready and eager to please customer service, I have access some great site tools, I’ve been receiving a great new newsletter, and most importantly, my Web traffic has increased with the help of Hostway’s Web tools.. 5 star service! Thanks again, Hostway!

Roque Mozingo

“We can concentrate on our business instead of being distracted.”

In today’s world, it’s simply a necessity to have marketing presence on the Web. We also wanted to improve the interaction with our customers by implementing a secure extranet for data exchange between our customers and us. We chose Hostway because of its Window Server hosting capability, due to use of Microsoft Access database within our Web site. Since we have become a customer, we have had very positive experience with Hostway. By using Hostway for our Web hosting needs, we can concentrate on our business instead of being distracted by maintaining our own Web serving computer systems.

Aleksander Dec

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