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 Wednesday, 21st September 2011, 17:04:27

Businesses 'may avoid Windows 8 upgrade'

Businesses 'may avoid Windows 8 upgrade'

Many businesses may steer clear of Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 8 operating system, a technology analyst has predicted.

Speaking to V3, Gartner research analyst Mike Silver claimed many organisations are still in the process of upgrading their PCs to Windows 7 and may therefore be disinclined to adopt the latest operating system when it hits the market - an issue he described as "migration fatigue".

As a result, Mr Silver said Gartner does not believe Windows 8 will be a major hit in the enterprise operating system (OS) market on the same scale as previous Microsoft releases.

"At this point we're not expecting organisations to decide to upgrade their PCs to Windows 8," he explained. "They may even try to skip it for all their PCs, even new-bought ones."

Microsoft officially launched Windows 8 earlier this month, with Steven Sinofsky - president of the Windows and Windows Live Division - describing the new edition of the platform as a "re-imagined" version of the OS.

Posted by Judy Gifford

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