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 Wednesday, 28th December 2011, 17:33:15

Technology 'integral to business success'

Technology 'integral to business success'

High-performance software and computer systems are integral to the success of a small to medium-sized enterprise, according to one expert.

A representative from Compuware, a provider of software and best practices focused on optimising IT application performance for companies, suggested that technology can be the most important part of a business operation for improving mainframe efficiency as well as educating new employees.

Businesses can use new software to improve their efficiency and day-to-day running, according to Neil Richards, European mainframe director at Compuware.

He said that the first step to improving efficiency in the workplace is to quantify the problem and work out how to solve the issue using the most suitable software for the business needs.

"Once you've quantified the problem there are only two answers - for those people staying in my business, how can I make them more productive? How can I increase the productivity of my existing mainframe today?," Mr Richards commented.

Secondly, he added, the gap must be filled with recruiting new talent and these people need to be brought up to speed quickly and without problems.

New staff taken on by a business to improve its output must be able to use a training system whereby they can learn complex applications very quickly, according to the expert.

"Technology is the answer to both those things," Mr Richards said.

Furthermore, an expert at the Rapid E-learning Blog suggested that cloud computing and mobile technologies could revolutionise the way that businesses operate.

Tom Kuhlmann, editor of the blog, which offers guidance and advice on online training, predicted that 2012 would be the year that more and more businesses embrace the benefits of advanced software and technologies.

Mr Kuhlmann suggested that online tools will become easier to use and will provide many more options for companies surrounding how they operate on a daily basis. The expert added that he expects to see a rise in the use of social media platforms to coincide with advancements in other computer technologies.

Posted by Judy Gifford

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