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 Thursday, 5th February 2009, 14:28:00

Prepare for high traffic, website owners told

Prepare for high traffic, website owners told

Businesses should ensure that their websites are capable of dealing with high traffic, according to one expert.

Ben Camm-Jones, Web-User Magazine's news editor, stated that the majority of sites will experience peaks and troughs in visitor numbers, but because extreme peaks are often quite rare, many businesses neglect to invest in server capacity.

This can cause problems with the website, as he explained.

"If the peaks are very, very high then site performance is likely to suffer unless the site owner has invested in enough server capacity to deal with them," Mr Cramm-Jones said.

He advised that businesses that can afford to invest in greater capacity do so and recommended that those who do not have the money for investment make sure they are aware of their website's capabilities.

Having a low-graphics version of the website could help to ease traffic demands, Mr Cramm-Jones remarked, referring to the BBC's low-grade portal as an example.

BBC Newsline Ticker is the seventh most visited website in the UK, according to Alexa Traffic Rankings.

Hostway product manager Thomas Herbert commented: "It is surprising that many sites are still failing to build in the capacity to cope with the extra visitors to the site during peak periods.

"In this day and age, it is unacceptable that websites go down when people need or want them the most – and it will always have an impact on the bottom line."ADNFCR-1984-ID-19010495-ADNFCR

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