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 Wednesday, 4th February 2009, 14:24:00


ColdFusion "a truly compelling alternative"

Adobe ColdFusion remains "a truly compelling alternative" programming language 13 years after its creation.

This is the belief of Simon Whatley of Sys-Con Media, who suggested ColdFusion is just as relevant today as it ever has been.

One of its strongest qualities is in terms of cost, Mr Whatley said.

He rubbished the idea that ColdFusion is expensive and claimed that not only is it much quicker to develop applications using this language, but ColdFusion developers are also cheaper to employ than Ruby and Java specialists.

Availability of skilled workers, time-to-market and development costs should all be factored in when working out which is the best programming language to use on top of technical requirements, Mr Whatley stated.

Charlie Arehart wrote in Sys-Con's ColdFusion Developer's Journal at the end of last year that dozens of major companies use the programming language on their websites, including Motorola, Bank of America, Symantec, BMW USA and the Bank of America.ADNFCR-1984-ID-19007970-ADNFCR

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