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 Tuesday, 3rd February 2009, 16:25:00

Hostway: Dot tel won't have major spam impact

Hostway: Dot tel won't have major spam impact

While the dot tel registry will likely become a one-stop shop for spammers, it will probably not make too much difference to spam volumes, it has been suggested.

Product manager Thomas Herbert of Hostway claimed that having contact details on dot tel is pretty much the same as having contact details on websites and stated any firm that discloses this information on the internet is always going to be open to spam.

"If you're publishing your details for somebody to find you, the wrong people are going to [find] you as well and that's unavoidable," he remarked.

Mr Herbert explained that it is possible to make pieces of information private on dot tel in order to ensure that details are only disclosed to those 'friended' by the domain owner.

Dot tel domain names will become available for those willing to a pay a premium from 15:00 GMT on February 3rd, with general registration coming into force on March 24th.ADNFCR-1984-ID-19005654-ADNFCR

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