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 Thursday, 5th February 2009, 14:32:00

E-retailers outperforming rivals in SEO stakes

E-retailers outperforming rivals in SEO stakes

E-commerce companies perform significantly better in search engine rankings than their bricks and mortar competitors, it has been found.

According to Internet-Engine, which analysed holiday season figures from Google, Yahoo and MSN Live for three years, firms that operate exclusively online are employing more effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies and are reaping the benefits.

Online retailers have a more than 30 per cent share of search listings, with high street retailers lagging behind with approximately ten per cent.

Director of the study Thom Disch commented: "I find it very surprising that brick and mortar retailers have not invested more dollars in search marketing, since e-commerce sales have grown 28 per cent since 2006 (according to comScore)."

An example of the discrepancy between web-based companies and traditional retailers can be seen by typing 'supermarket' into Google's UK search engine.

Sainsbury's is the highest ranked bricks and mortar firm in eighth position, behind price comparison sites, and

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