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 Thursday, 12th February 2009, 14:34:00

Web 2.0 security targeted by IBM

Web 2.0 security targeted by IBM

IBM is looking to strengthen security at second generation websites in light of an increase in cybercriminals targeting these portals.

Its new IBM Rational AppScan Standard Edition 7.8 product is designed to aid websites utilising Web 2.0 technologies in the fight against hackers.

The solution enables firms to scan websites built using Ajax, rich media applications and Flash-based content to determine whether they are secure before being deployed.

Bard Arkin, director of the secure software engineering team at Adobe, suggested that his organisation supports the new product.

"The use of Adobe Flash platform technologies in the enterprise is increasing and software such as IBM Rational AppScan can help content creators take a preemptive approach to security," he remarked.

Applications are the most vulnerable part of a website from a security perspective, according to the 2008 IBM X-Force Trend Report.

Approximately 54 per cent of vulnerability disclosures were related to web server applications during last year, the latest study found.ADNFCR-1984-ID-19022319-ADNFCR

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