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 Monday, 9th February 2009, 16:52:00

Adobe Buzzword 'the best cloud word processor'

Adobe Buzzword 'the best cloud word processor'

Adobe Buzzword has been named as the best web-based word processing application currently available in an article by Que Publishing.

The piece, which appeared on the InformIT website, stated that Adobe Buzzword "is the application of choice for power users", claiming that it is superior to cloud computing rivals ThinkFree Write, Zoho Writer, iNet Word, Glide Write, Peeple WebWriter, Docly and market leader Google Docs.

"Buzzword not only looks better than Google Docs, it also offers more sophisticated formatting and increased functionality," the article read.

According to the Adobe website, Buzzword supports a number of different file formats, importing and exporting Microsoft Word documents (.doc and .docx), plain text (.txt) and rich text (.rtf), among others.

It also exports to .html and .pdf - the format used by Adobe Acrobat Reader.

In addition to supporting these text formats, Buzzword enables users to import .jpeg, .png and .gif image files for use with documents.ADNFCR-1984-ID-19015685-ADNFCR

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