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 Thursday, 26th March 2009, 16:05:00

IT investment 'is the answer for credit-crunched SMBs'

IT investment 'is the answer for credit-crunched SMBs'

With the credit crunch continuing to bite and small businesses finding it difficult to compete with larger organisations, more will start turning their attention to greater technological advances.

At least that is the opinion of Microsoft, which has found that more than half of the world's small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will maintain or increase their IT investments to stay afloat during the recession.

In its Microsoft SMB Insight Report, the software giant revealed that 55 per cent of the 600 businesses from five countries throughout the world will rely on technology to increase their competitiveness.

Precisely half of those polled said they view managed hosting and virtualisation as integral to cutting their operations costs.

Access Markets International-Partners managing director Steve Reynolds confirmed: "Historically, we have seen SMBs have responded to economic contractions by intensifying their use of IT, both to cut costs and to defend and enhance their customer relationships."

This comes after research conducted by EasyNet Connect revealed that 45 per cent of SMBs in the UK believe that technology is key to riding out the recession storm.

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