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 Wednesday, 8th April 2009, 12:50:00

ColdFusion 'will make for more rapid and reliable hosting'

ColdFusion 'will make for more rapid and reliable hosting'

The introduction of ColdFusion software into managed hosting services will ensure better applications for investing businesses, it has been claimed.

Following news that web hosting providerHostway is to sponsor the new Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise 8 service, the firm's product manager Thomas Herbert claimed that this could pave the way for the faster and more reliable development of businesses' websites.

"Using ColdFusion can help companies rapidly develop high-quality, enterprise grade applications … companies can reach far ahead of the competition," he explained.

Mr Herbert added that Hostway is pleased to be an advocate for ColdFusion based on the fact that it believes it to be "one of the most significant development languages" on the market.

Also commenting on Hostway's sponsorship of the new software, the firm's director Neil Barton predicted that many businesses are likely to want to test its hosting powers over forthcoming years, as ColdFusion is rolled out onto the mainstream.

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