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 Thursday, 23rd April 2009, 14:16:00

Small businesses 'can be massively affected by IT disasters'

Small businesses 'can be massively affected by IT disasters'

Small to medium-sized businesses are exposed to a massive negative impact in the event of an in-house technology disaster.

At least that is the opinion of government scheme Get Safe Online, which has claimed that because they rely so heavily on the internet, when they do not have access to it, the consequences can be dire.

Managing director of the initiative Tony Neate explained: "When it comes to small businesses, they've got an awful lot on their plates as the majority of them don't have any sort of third-party help … for security or IT within their organisations."

As a result, on top of bringing their business to a stand still, sensitive information, such as customer details can be at risk.

However, more companies are now making it their mission to upgrade their security and data recovery measures.

According to the latest Data Centre Transformation: Key Implementation Drivers survey, 95 per cent of IT decision makers within the business community plan to invest in the likes of cloud computing this year, in order to ensure they have adequate backup.

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