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 Monday, 17th August 2009, 15:10:00

Organisations fight over .eco TLD

Organisations fight over .eco TLD

A pair of groups are battling for the rights to the .eco top level domain (TLD) which is set to become available next year.

Icann, the regulator that oversees web addresses, is allowing a greater variety of suffixes to be used, which will enable companies and organisations to further customise their websites and URLs.

While anyone can apply for .eco, only one group can be given registry rights, but both Dot Eco - a consortium backed by Al Gore - and a group led by eco-labelling body Big Room have applied.

Dot Eco has asserted that 57 per cent of profits will go to environmental groups, while the latter claimed that its profits will go towards sustainability projects.

Both say that only organisations with proven commitments to the environment will be able to register a .eco address.

Domain names can be valuable commodity, as a man from Leamington recently found when he was offered a deal worth at least £35,000 for his address, reports the Coventry Telegraph.

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