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 Thursday, 6th August 2009, 16:15:00

New VPS launched by Hostway

New VPS launched by Hostway

Web hosting firm Hostway has launched its new third generation of virtual private servers (VPS), which utilise the latest technology from Parallels.

Thomas Herbert, product manager at Hostway, said VPS technology has "evolved considerably" since the company launched its first server of this kind five years ago.

He said the changes to the network, support structure and hardware would see customers reaping a number of benefits, such as greater scalability and flexibility.

Mr Herbert commented: "Organisations are relying on the web more than ever to run their businesses."

"Hostway is making it much easier for these businesses to put in place a cost effective, resilient and scalable infrastructure," he added.

Among the new features of the latest VPS technology is "burstable" RAM and connectivity, which means that when nodes are low and there is unused capacity, the VPS can use the extra resources.

Customers will also be able to make use of a "roll-back" service, which will enable them to go back to a previous working state that existed up to two weeks ago.

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