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 Thursday, 13th August 2009, 17:00:00

'Content is king' when implementing SEO

'Content is king' when implementing SEO

Websites looking to incorporate search engine optimisation (SEO) into their business plan have been reminded of the need to ensure that well-written and well-utilised content is the key to improved performance.

Mike Sweeney, managing partner of Right Source Marketing, has reminded business owners via the Marketing Trenches blog that they should look to incorporate as much of their existing content into their SEO drive as possible.

This may include the use of video and PDFs, as well as the distribution of press releases via newswires to improve organic search listings.

Mr Sweeney also reminded companies that they will not be able to conduct a successful operation without "a focused, long-term SEO strategy", as well as advising that the work be outsourced at least in part to qualified experts.

This comes after the blog Web Savvy Marketing last week reminded businesses that SEO content must be written for "real people" and not simply tailored to search engine spiders.

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