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 Monday, 3rd August 2009, 13:25:00

Marketers 'will not raise PPC spend with Microsoft and Yahoo!'

Marketers 'will not raise PPC spend with Microsoft and Yahoo!'

The majority of online marketers are unlikely to increase the amount they spend on pay per click (PPC) advertising when and if Microsoft and Yahoo! join to bring Bing to the search engine's users.

At least these are the findings of a recent poll run by, which revealed that 63 per cent would not raise search spend.

According to the online portal, one of the reasons for this is that some fear their favourite advertising functions from Yahoo! will disappear. claimed that some marketers are concerned about which tools will be used for search engine optimisation and PPC.

This is despite the fact that many believe the search engine created by Microsoft and Yahoo! could potentially rival internet giant Google.

Rob Garner, search strategy director at iCrossing, commented: "We have to step back and look at this increased share with Bing and see how it's performing."

Last month, Kevin Gibbons, director of search at SEOptimise, said in his Econsultancy blog that even firms that are top of the search engine rankings should invest in PPC as failure to do so gives competitors space to expand.

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