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 Wednesday, 26th August 2009, 12:00:00

Social media 'can be useful for marketers'

Social media 'can be useful for marketers'

With the cost of pay-per-click advertising increasing, marketers could benefit from alternative channels, such as social media, it has been claimed.

According to Matt Rhodes of Fresh Networks, ecommerce outlets and other firms with online portals should try experimenting with sites such as YouTube, Twitter and MySpace.

He told Trade Travel Gazette that companies should try improving the exposure of their brand using these sites for three months then reassess their performance on Google.

The expert claimed that utilising these resources could end up saving companies money as well as boosting their brand profile.

Mr Rhodes was echoed by Michelle Russel, marketing manager at Royal Caribbean, who said Facebook was a key tool for updating agents on advertising and training.

This comes after Chris Lake, editor in chief of Econsultancy, said in a blog entry that social media can be used to support a search engine optimisation campaign.

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