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 Tuesday, 4th August 2009, 12:35:00

Microsoft 'will do well out of Yahoo! partnership'

Microsoft 'will do well out of Yahoo! partnership'

The impending partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo! will benefit the former in a number of ways, an expert has claimed.

Dan Grabham, deputy editor at, said the computing giant will experience a surge in revenues as a result of the increased number of Bing users.

He noted that most web users will not see any significant changes to their browsing unless they already use Yahoo! Search.

Despite this, he asserted that Microsoft will find it easier to compete with Google, the search engine with the largest market share.

The expert noted that Microsoft will be able to "better innovate on search" and that its heightened competitiveness would "be good in the long-term".

Mr Grabham added that with Bing, the firm is showing that it can match some of Google's features.

According to a recent press release from Microsoft, under the new agreement, Yahoo! is set to become the exclusive worldwide relationship sales force for the two companies' premium search advisors.

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