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 Monday, 3rd August 2009, 13:27:00

Cloud computing 'is good for business startups'

Cloud computing 'is good for business startups'

Newly set up companies could find that cloud computing is a cost-effective and efficient IT option, it has been suggested.

According to experts Anindya Roy and Vishnu Anand, it is ideal for companies in the development stages of a product or service.

In an article for PC Quest they noted that cloud computing and software-as-a-service technology can enable a firm to test its maximum capacity before investing in IT services and products.

"At this stage, the enterprise can choose to move away to an individually owned physical server setup or continue with the cloud infrastructure," they commented.

Mr Roy and Mr Anand noted that during a difficult economic period and competitive environment, it makes sense for companies to only spend money on the IT they use.

They added that businesses should not invest in IT without first establishing a "clear business roadmap".

This comes after Simon Cox, director of the Microsoft Institute for High Performance Computing at the University of Southampton, said cloud computing could be particularly useful for engineering firms requiring occasional high-intensity usage.

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