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 Thursday, 13th January 2011, 17:00:00

Poor weather leads to ecommerce sales surge, research shows

Poor weather leads to ecommerce sales surge, research shows

Poor weather conditions that battered the UK in the run up to Christmas boosted online spending figures, according to a new survey that revealed one third of people bought more online than they intended to.

Research released by Intersperience added, however, that two-thirds of people experienced problems in buying online over Christmas, suggesting that even firms with ecommerce features on their site need to continue to fine tune it.

It added that one in six online shoppers did not receive at least one item they had purchased online over Christmas, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Intersperience's chief executive Paul Hudson told the news provider that the snow and ice that plagued the country over Christmas definitely has a part to play in the growth of internet spending.

"Harsh weather drove more people online but consumers told us even before the snow hit that they would spend less," he said.

"People feel the financial situation is more negative than last year and that remains a key worry for the retail sector."

Walmart announced last week that it would be trying to take advantage of the growing ecommerce trend by expanding its online presence in China and Latin America.

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