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 Thursday, 13th January 2011, 15:00:00

Cadbury's finds online marketing success through video advertising

Cadbury's finds online marketing success through video advertising

Online marketing has proved successful for food manufacturer Cadbury's which has reported between £2 and £3 in sales for every £1 it spent on internet advertising.

The firm is set to increase its internet spending in light of the return on investment it received through marketing its brand online, which included using video advertising.

Web TV Enterprise announced that it has seen its internet video advertising revenues treble over the last year as more firms look to use the power of the internet.

Piers North, Yahoo UK's head of strategy, who told New Media Age that if firms look at how they can gain in the future, and not just the short-term, online marketing can pay off.

"The nature of online is instant – we're so used to implementing a search campaign or doing DR in real time – but a sense of longer-term vision and co-operation between media agencies and clients that allows you to plan across platforms is needed if this is to really take off," he told the news provider.

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