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 Friday, 28th January 2011, 16:50:24

Businesses expected to have 'significant uptake' of cloud computing in 2011

Businesses expected to have 'significant uptake' of cloud computing in 2011

Cloud computing is expected to dominate the outsourcing market in 2011, according to a new report.

EquaTerra's fourth quarter 2010 Advisor and Business/IT Service Provider Pulse Survey found that programs such as customer relationship management software are going to be popular in the coming year.

Furthermore, infrastructure - including data centres and secure storage - will experience "significant uptake" in the cloud as well as email systems.

Stan Lepeak, managing director of global research for EquaTerra, said that cost savings will provide the biggest benefits for companies.

"Greater standardisation is the wave of the future," he said.

"For example, many firms in emerging markets are forgoing enterprise systems. They start up using standardised cloud-based systems and their operating costs are one-tenth of the legacy model."

Microsoft announced earlier this week that around 8,600 jobs could be created in Northern Ireland by 2014 if companies increase their adoption of cloud computing.

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