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 Tuesday, 11th January 2011, 15:49:44

Anti-spam could be needed as junk emails increase once again

Anti-spam could be needed as junk emails increase once again

Firms could be investing in anti-spam and firewall security in the coming months after it was revealed that the number of spam emails being sent is growing.

IT company NetWitness has found that the Rustock botnet, a network of computers that sends spam messages, has resumed service again after a quiet Christmas.

Last week Symantec revealed that the number of junk emails being sent around dropped dramatically in the final months of 2010, with 50 billion emails being sent per day in December compared to 200 billion every 24 hours in August.

Alex Cox, of NetWitness, told the BBC that the lull in numbers looks to have only been a temporary one and that figures could rise once more in the near future.

"As best we can tell, they took a holiday," he told the news provider.

"The people running Rustock are running a business - albeit an illegitimate one - so maybe they needed time off too."

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