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 Thursday, 24th February 2011, 16:52:52

Anti-spam could be needed after survey finds a third of incoming emails are not work-related

Anti-spam could be needed after survey finds a third of incoming emails are not work-related

Businesses should look at ensuring they have anti-spam settings on their email system after a new survey found that a third of incoming emails at work are not work-related.

The Generation Gmail report by Mimecast found that 300 work-related emails are sent through personal accounts every year.

Furthermore, the average employee under the age of 25 will send three emails a week containing potentially-sensitive corporate information, leaving many firms checking to make sure they have anti-virus software in place.

Nathaniel Borenstein, chief scientist at Mimecast, said that employers will need to "work out what they are going to do in the face of this cultural shift" as more people make use of their work emails.

He said: "The proliferation of social networks and mobile devices has transformed the communications landscape within companies; employees increasingly mix and match technologies, using devices and platforms interchangeably to find workarounds that maximise their flexibility and productivity."

Earlier this month, companies were warned by Tony Neate, the managing director of, to delete all spam emails to ensure that financial information is never distributed.

Posted by Henry Thomas

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