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 Friday, 8th April 2011, 15:04:29

Small companies 'likely to see the advantages' of cloud services

Small companies 'likely to see the advantages' of cloud services

Small and medium-sized companies are "likely to see the advantages" of moving to cloud hosting services.

That is according to Michael Dean, the head of marketing at the National Computing Centre, who said that larger companies may wait to see how they make an effective transition.

However, he believes that smaller companies will look to adopt cloud services as they begin to see the cost-saving benefits.

His comments come after research by 2e2 found that 68 per cent of organisations feel that there are significant risks in migrating to cloud because of their complex in-house IT infrastructures.

Furthermore, 56 per cent said that by moving to the cloud they fear that they will have less control over their organisations overall IT systems.

Mr Dean added that the majority of those concerned are larger companies.

"Large organisations with complex infrastructures may need time to understand how to make the most effective transition, but smaller organisations with simpler infrastructures are likely to see the advantages and move more quickly," he said.

Posted by Judy Gifford

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