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 Monday, 6th June 2011, 15:14:42

'Way more choice' in the future for people looking for domain names

'Way more choice' in the future for people looking for domain names

People looking for domain name registration will have "way more choice" in the coming months as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) looks at whether to open up domain name suffixes.

The organisation is set to meet in Singapore in a few weeks time to look at whether companies can use dot-anything suffixes, therefore giving them more choice from which to market their products.

Michele Jourdan, communications manager for ICANN's domain name programme, told that end users will have more choice of addresses if the change is made.

However, Kathy Fealy - who owns KF Multimedia & Web Inc - told the news provider that businesses will continue to search for dot com names as they are more prestigious.

"I have a couple of clients who have dot-net, because they couldn't get and they're trying to change their domain name, so they can get dot-com," she explained.

"My impression is that smaller businesses will look for dot-com, because it makes them look more established."

It was revealed on Friday (June 3rd) that dot co address registrations have passed the one million mark.

Posted by Henry Thomas

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