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 Monday, 4th July 2011, 12:25:32

Reliable broadband connection 'could provide video streaming opportunities'

Reliable broadband connection 'could provide video streaming opportunities'

North Yorkshire businesses could be offered new video streaming opportunities as a result of increased funding for broadband connections.

The advanced method of playing videos using the internet could be made easier following a £16.4 million investment for the Connecting North Yorkshire campaign.

Working alongside internet company NYnet, the county's local authority will aim to increase the reliability of broadband connections throughout homes and businesses by 2017.

In addition, the council expects further investment from the European Regional Development Fund, which could bring the total to £25 million.

"Video-conferencing, web-meetings and access to a company telephony system will put North Yorkshire on a level playing field with the major cities such as Leeds and London," remarked chairman Carl Les.

NYnet has highlighted the importance of a speedy internet connection in providing out-of-office working environments for members of staff.

According to the company, allowing access to remote computing creates opportunities and provides growth for businesses able to access information from any location.

Posted by Phil Williams

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