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 Friday, 19th August 2011, 13:16:02

Mobile broadband users 'prefer apps to web'

Mobile broadband users 'prefer apps to web'

Mobile broadband users who access social networking websites through their smartphone handset prefer using specially designed apps rather than visiting websites.

New research conducted by Nielson Smartphone Analytics revealed that consumers spend two-thirds of their time using the applications as opposed to the traditional model.

As part of the study, analysts also found that the average Android user in the US spends 56 minutes per day actively interacting with their mobile handset.

However, results showed that the top ten applications accounted for just 43 per cent of the time spent online by mobile broadband users.

These findings emerge after supermarket retailer Asda announced the launch of a new mobile-optimised transaction website for on-the-go smartphone consumers.

Using this service, members of the public will be able to register, shop and amend orders using their mobile phone, which includes all of the same features as the company's full website.

Posted by Phil Williams

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