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 Thursday, 11th August 2011, 11:57:18

Video streaming news: BBC launches iPlayer for TV

Video streaming news: BBC launches iPlayer for TV

Businesses using video streaming technology to keep up to date on the latest current affairs could be interested in a recent announcement from the BBC.

Earlier this week, the broadcasting giant unveiled the launch of a new version of its iPlayer service for viewers to enjoy on-demand television shows from the comfort of their own living room.

The specially adapted feature will allow users to personalise the video streaming facility, while simultaneously taking full control over the programmes they want to watch at that moment.

Among its numerous benefits, the service has also undergone a number of improvements to give seamless access to favourite programmes and viewer recommendations.

Furthermore, the personalised nature of the new iPlayer allows consumers to view a number of search results when browsing their favourite shows, along with getting straight back into the programmes they have watched.

Daniel Danker, BBC's general manager of programmes and on-demand, said: "BBC iPlayer has been tremendously successful. With today's announcement, we're transforming iPlayer in its most natural home: right on the living room TV."

His comments come after recent research from media watchdog Ofcom revealed that ten per cent of television sets sold in the UK are internet ready.

In addition, Mr Danker reported a five-fold growth of iPlayer use on TVs in the last six months alone following the service's increasing availability on newly built models.

For this reason, he predicted that more than half of overall use of the feature could be carried out by people relaxing in their living rooms rather than using their laptops.

"By creating a product that's as simple and intuitive as flicking through TV channels, the BBC is bringing on-demand television to mainstream audiences across the UK," he added.

This news comes after rumours that social networking website Facebook is set to release its video streaming Messenger service on new smartphone models.

Posted by Phil Williams

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