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 Monday, 8th August 2011, 11:09:52

Identifying target audience 'is vital for online marketing'

Identifying target audience 'is vital for online marketing'

Ecommerce firms looking to develop their online marketing strategy could benefit from recent advice from an industry expert.

According to Mike Seddon, founder of, it is vital for businesses to identify their target audience in order to reap the benefits provided by the internet.

By doing so, companies are able to establish a method of promotion by assessing the main reason members of the public visit their website, he argued.

In addition, Mr Seddon highlighted the need for firms to work out the reasons behind the development of a page in a bid to ensure they are successful in online marketing.

"Some businesses decide that the website is going to be the vehicle by which they sell their services, some businesses will decide that it's not where they're going to sell from," he explained.

Mr Seddon also encouraged companies to be specific when considering phrases for search engine optimisation, rather than concentrating on broader terms.

"If you're a well-known brand name you probably want to rank highest on the name of your brand," he remarked.

Earlier this month, the Las Vegas Review Journal highlighted the importance of high-quality online marketing techniques for small businesses to achieve success.

Regardless of limited IT staff, the newspaper claimed that firms could use technology to their advantage in a bid to keep computer-savvy consumers interested in their services.

Additionally, using social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter could be useful for smaller companies looking to spread the name of their brand without spending large amounts of money on advertising campaigns.

Capitalising upon opportunities created by smartphones has also been recommended to small businesses as part of their online marketing techniques, with many developing mobile websites to ensure they keep on-the-go consumers up to date with the latest offers and services.

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