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 Friday, 23rd September 2011, 14:22:23

GAME ecommerce platform to support OnLive launch

GAME ecommerce platform to support OnLive launch

A leading computer game retailer has said its ecommerce platform will help to raise the profile of newly launched instant-play gaming service OnLive.

GAME, which runs the websites and, has partnered with OnLive for its UK debut, which took place earlier this week.

Described by the retailer as a revolutionary new concept in videogames, OnLive allows customers to instantly choose from a catalogue of more than 100 titles from some of the industry's biggest publishers.

Batman: Arkham Asylum, Saints Row 2 and Homefront are among the games that are initially available through the service in the UK, although the library is set to be regularly updated to keep it fresh.

Cash and reward card points can be utilised to purchase games from the service, allowing them to be streamed to HD TVs, tablets, PCs and Macs.

Ian Shepherd, chief executive of GAME Group, said the company is committed to bringing OnLive to millions of customers via its ecommerce platform.

The retailer's decision to partner with OnLive is a sign of its "dedication to supporting innovation in gaming", he added.

Praise for the cloud gaming platform has also been forthcoming from BT, which also partnered with OnLive for this week's launch.

Warren Buckley, managing director of BT Retail's customer service department, described the innovation as a "fantastic new service for the UK".

Founder and chief executive of OnLive Steve Perlman stated GAME is an "ideal" strategic launch partner and explained how the service could help to bring extra traffic to the company's ecommerce sites.

"OnLive will bring free instant demos to and - if the player chooses - provide instant purchase and continued play of the videogame on OnLive through GAME's loyalty currency or credit cards," he said.

"After the demo, gamers can alternately return to the GAME website to purchase the game on another platform, or learn more about it by and chatting with other players in OnLive's massive spectating arena."

Posted by Phil Williams

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