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 Friday, 16th September 2011, 16:42:53

CNI cyber threat 'requires effective strategy'

CNI cyber threat 'requires effective strategy'

A new report from Chatham House has highlighted the requirement for a coherent and effective strategy to protect critical national infrastructure (CNI) against the ongoing threat of cyber attacks from external sources.

The Cyber Security and the UK's Critical National Infrastructure document suggests that the increase in illegal activity carried out over the internet could pose as a substantial concern to the government, but can not be met by politicians alone.

"There is a need to raise awareness about the constantly evolving character of cyberspace," report author Paul Cornish remarked.

For this reason, the report suggested that the government is unable to provide all the answers and guarantee a society without the threat of cybercrime and called upon CNI businesses to take on greater responsibilities to protect themselves against the continuing threat.

In addition, the document suggested that it is vital for company employees to increase their awareness of online security while improving their operations to prevent the increasingly common attacks from occurring.

"Given society's reliance upon digital processing and communications, governments are right to take cyber security seriously," Mr Cornish added.

The report, which was released earlier this week, also urges businesses of all sizes to assess their dependencies and vulnerabilities concerning the threat of cybercrime, while ensuring that awareness of the issue is coordinated with standard management techniques.

However, analysts from Chatham House highlighted that there appears to be little coherence to what activities constitute a cyber vulnerability, as well as limited consensus on the nature or severity of the problem.

The organisation suggests that more should be done to make sure essential services such as electricity, communications, water, gas, transport and banking - which are dependent on ICT - safer against the threat of illegal activity.

Meanwhile, high numbers of businesses have revealed that they feel unprepared to effectively contend with and prevent the threat of IT crime due to a lack of appropriately trained staff, a study from Kaspersky Lab highlighted.

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