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 Friday, 9th September 2011, 13:48:21

Hosted cloud services 'outweigh risks for businesses'

Hosted cloud services 'outweigh risks for businesses'

Benefits associated with the use of hosted cloud services significantly outweigh the associated risks, one expert has argued.

Joe Drumgoole, founder of management deployment platform FeedHenry, reassured companies that previous worries regarding the service were now "mostly redundant".

His comments emerge after a study carried out by KPMG revealed that while 29 per cent of businesses have invested in cloud computing, 69 per cent believed it presented a security risk to company data.

Considering this, Mr Drumgoole stated that larger businesses dealing with large contracts should take extra precautions against internet threats, although there are limited risks associated with the service.

He also claimed that the current economic climate had resulted in more firms expressing concern with reducing costs, increasing productivity and accessing more markets.

"Most of the stuff that people scaremonger about - security, accessibility and who might be looking at your stuff on the cloud - is kind of redundant in many cases," Mr Drumgoole explained.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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