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 Tuesday, 18th October 2011, 15:26:07

BBC iPlayer 'enjoying growing requests through tablets and newer devices'

BBC iPlayer 'enjoying growing requests through tablets and newer devices'

An increasing number of BBC iPlayer viewers are accessing the media streaming service through a range of new devices including media tablets.

The broadcaster's monthly iPlayer performance pack for September has highlighted growth in the amount of requests received from gadgets such as iPads, IPTV systems and internet radio services.

Use of the iPlayer from tablets saw a pronounced rise during the month-long period, increasing from four million requests in August to 4.7 million in September.

The most common platform used to stream the service's contained remained the PC, while mobile devices and games consoles commonly used to view on-demand content.

It was also noted that the average iPlayer user is predominantly under the age of 55 and the male/female split is gradually beginning to even out.

The report comes after the BBC announced plans to launch a version of the video streaming service in Australia in response to increasing demand for further international features.

Posted by Phil Williams

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