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 Monday, 3rd October 2011, 14:00:54

Video streaming popularity reaches all-time high

Video streaming popularity reaches all-time high

Yorkshire-based internet service provider PlusNet has highlighted the increasing popularity of video streaming technology with the release of new figures.

In a recent post from its official blog, the company revealed that the advanced technology - which allows users to watch on-demand content - accounts for 50 per cent of its total data traffic during peak times.

Online video website YouTube remains the most popular application utilised for video streaming, while the BBC iPlayer came in second after it peaked at 3Gbps last Thursday (September 29th).

The situation was highlighted when YouTube's servers went offline for almost one hour, which resulted in disruption to the flow of PlusNet's total data traffic on its servers.

Earlier this year, the company's Plusnet Value broadband package was recommended due to its value for money and connection speed as part of a poll by consumer watchdog Which?.

The product, which is priced from £6.49 per month, was given a 72 per cent success rate as part of the survey of 750 customers.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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