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 Friday, 11th November 2011, 13:03:22

Cyber criminals 'should get tougher sentences'

Cyber criminals 'should get tougher sentences'

Criminals who threaten the security of confidential data through illegal online activity should be given tougher prison sentences to put an end to the issue, it has been suggested.

Speaking to BBC News, detective superintendent Charlie McMurdie from Scotland Yard's e-crime unit criticised judges for failing to give them the same treatment as fraudsters and thieves.

Acknowledging the estimated £27 billion annual loss to the UK economy as a result of cyber crime, Ms McMurdie highlighted that this issue was not "victimless".

She said: "Sentencing is still an issue. Some of these people have made millions and if it was fraud or robbery they would get eight or ten years but they get less because it's cyber crime."

This comes after Rob Smith, chief operating officer of IT optimisation consultancy Intergence, suggested firms were displaying a "cavalier" attitude to security and cybercrime prevention and should take action to ward off attacks.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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