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 Friday, 25th November 2011, 13:17:22

Data security 'improved using technology and people'

Data security 'improved using technology and people'

Companies looking to improve their data security amid worries cyber crime is becoming a more prevalent issue should concentrate on the technology they use and the staff they hire in order to tighten up operations, it has been suggested.

Mark Dampster, associate of the Centre for Cyber Security, stated the machinery utilised should be suited to the individual needs of a firm, which often depends on the methods used to conduct business and how dependent they are on IT systems.

"This is not just a data or internet issue either - it could be voice systems that are compromised through simple or complex tapping techniques," he explained.

He went on to use the recent News of the World celebrity phone hacking scandal as an example of "simple vulnerabilities" in people's communications that could make many organisations more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Companies looking to improve their data security measures may also wish to focus on how trustworthy the people they hire are, suggested Mr Dempster, who went on to advise organisations to ensure employees are reliable.

"Many critical losses and breaches occur through staff choosing to manipulate the system - either for personal gain or to cause trouble during or post-employment," he warned.

Mr Dempster went on to suggest the key to improving online security measures is to report and investigate incidents discreetly to increase the chance of prosecution should such an incident occur, which is likely to reduce the risk of creating a "media circus issue".

Widely publicised cases could impact reputation and customer confidence in a business, making it difficult to progress, the expert added.

His comments were made after Rob Smith, chief operating officer of IT optimisation consultancy Intergence, suggested businesses are conveying a "cavalier" attitude to security and cybercrime prevention and should take action to ward off attacks.

Posted by Judy Gifford

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