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 Wednesday, 9th November 2011, 11:35:59

McAfee takes measures to improve cloud computing security

McAfee takes measures to improve cloud computing security

Security software organisation McAfee has announced the latest improvements to its Cloud Security Platform, which could be of interest to businesses looking to improve their efforts in combating the threat of cyber crime.

The company has taken steps to enhance its protective offering, which is the industry's only single content-aware platform that secures all primary channels of traffic moving between a firm and the cloud, to allow customers to take advantage of hosted solutions.

Marc Olesen, senior vice president and general manager of content and cloud security at McAfee, said: "Organisations want to take advantage of the time and money-saving benefits of the cloud, but they have concerns around data security."

As a result, the next evolution of the McAfee Cloud Security Platform includes data loss prevention that safeguards information moving to the cloud, while enabling companies to leverage on-premise infrastructures and data classification capabilities for rapid inventory and categorisation across hundreds of servers.

This capability was developed due to the frequency with which businesses cite the potential for information loss as the main reason for failing to adopt cloud computing solutions.

Additionally, the improved software offers enhanced features to limit exposure to cyber crime, while enforcing internet usage policies for increased security and offering advanced encryption features to provide the ability to view messages from mobile devices through the addition of "file fingerprinting".

"We are developing and investing in technology that makes it possible for businesses to more confidently use and trust the cloud and subsequently benefit from the savings it can offer," Mr Olesen added.

This comes after foreign secretary William Hague suggested, as part of a recent speech at the London Conference on Cyberspace, that nations need to take a collaborative approach to tackling cyber crime while acknowledging the requirement for partnerships between countries to provide a solution.

Posted by Judy Gifford

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