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 Wednesday, 30th November 2011, 14:16:30

Virtualisation 'is not without challenges'

Virtualisation 'is not without challenges'

Companies considering entering into virtualisation technologies for their business practices should first address the management challenges that could occur during a changeover, according to one expert.

A specialist from, a news site about the virtualisation industry, has suggested that although virtualisation has a large host of benefits, it can also cause some technical difficulties to arise which should be addressed by a skilled administrator.

Chief editor of the online information service Kenneth van Surksum said: "Investments in the hardware should be more, so that failure of one hardware component can be mitigated by the hardware - by using dual power supplies and doubling the network connectivity."

He added that businesses should be careful for a so-called virtual machine (VM) sprawl, which could result in an overload of VMs due to the high level of availability of such systems.

A spokesperson for Protiviti UK, a business consulting company, suggested that emerging technologies could provide all organisations with opportunities to change the way they operate while reaping the benefits of increased manageability.

Posted by Judy Gifford

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