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 Thursday, 15th December 2011, 15:20:37

Retailers warned against online security breaches

Retailers warned against online security breaches

Retailers have been warned to maximise their online security by changing their account access passwords, as hackers have tried to break through firewall protections.

Advice from RandomStorm, which provides penetration testing and vulnerability management for IT systems, suggested that businesses who use online technologies with sensitive data should take extra precautions to back up their information following a large attack from a worm called Morto in August.

The hacker device exploited Remote Desktop Protocol, which enabled remote computers and point of sale devices to be controlled from another computer.

Andrew Mason, co-founder and technical director of RandomStorm, said: "Once a server was detected, the worm automatically tried common and default passwords to gain administrator access to the server."

He added that the hacking should have encouraged all point of sale administrators to change passwords and make systems more secure.

A recent high-profile hacking occurred when gang TeamPoison gained access to sensitive data from UN offices.

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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