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 Tuesday, 3rd March 2009, 13:50:00

Businesses 'should make the most of their existing websites'

Businesses 'should make the most of their existing websites'

Companies that are considering rebuilding their websites from scratch in a bid to safeguard their business from the impacts of the recession should think again.

At least that was the advice given recently by customer-focused digital agency Design UK.

Business manager of the firm Steve Simmonds told a conference at the latest Technology for Marketing and Advertising event at Earls Court that businesses should make the most of what they have already got.

"Rather than doing a complete rebuild get someone to spend some money on making it work better and increasing information by ten per cent, you then have a lot more impact," he said.

Since website usability is going to be more important over the forthcoming years, Mr Simmonds added that businesses should optimise their existing setup based on budget and return on investment.

According to international hosting firm Hostway, for a website in today's climate to be competitive and successful, it should plug into a content delivery network in order to provide more media-rich content.

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