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 Monday, 2nd March 2009, 16:40:00

CDNs 'beneficial to marketers competing globally'

CDNs 'beneficial to marketers competing globally'

Marketers hoping to compete globally have been advised that it will be necessary to plug into a content delivery network (CDN) to achieve success.

According to international hosting firm Hostway, CDNs will effectively speed up a campaign.

The company's marketing manager Phil Turnbull commented: "There's every reason now to be using flashvideo as part of a dynamic website."

Since serving a video from London to someone in Australia for example is likely to experience deliverability problems, CDNs are essential.

They have cache servers around the world, he explained, which deliver content via the nearest one to the intended destination, thus eliminating problems.

CDNs are effective in that they speed up the delivery of content of websites with high traffic and that have global reach.

According to Webopedia, the closer the CDN server is to the user geographically, the faster the service will be.

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