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 Friday, 21st October 2011, 16:28:51

Cisco to expand streaming media offering with BNI Video acquisition

Cisco to expand streaming media offering with BNI Video acquisition

US multinational corporation Cisco is set to enhance its streaming media services following its acquisition of the privately-held technology company BNI Video.

Founded using investments from Comcast and Time Warner Cable, BNI Video provides video back-office and content delivery network analytic capabilities.

As part of the move, Cisco will be have the chance to make improvements to its Videoscape TV platform, which allows users to access video content from any device over any IP network.

It aims to simplify the delivery of online video content, while incorporating social media functionality and providing support for a wide range of mobile gadgets.

This news comes after the recent buy-outs of ExtendMedia and Inlet Technologies, while underlining the importance of video streaming capabilities to Cisco.

Marthin De Beer, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco's emerging business group, said: "Cisco is committed to working with our service provider customers to deliver next-generation IP-based video experiences across devices."

Posted by Kevin Jenson

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