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 Tuesday, 10th May 2011, 15:19:23

Businesses 'losing the rights to valuable online real estate' if they fail in domain name registration

Businesses 'losing the rights to valuable online real estate' if they fail in domain name registration

Domain name registration is increasingly important for businesses as they look to head online as failing to renew addresses can lead to them "losing the rights to valuable online real estate".

That is according to Debra Hastings-Henry, writing for, who said that companies could lose money on the internet through not registering their address.

Furthermore, she said that there is normally plenty of time to renew a domain name, with most consultancies giving six months notice.

While in some cases businesses could get away with it by changing address, this isn't always the case according to Ms Hastings-Henry.

"Once the domain name has expired it is up for grabs, but many companies' online business plans are built around their website, so switching over to a new domain name may not be viable," she told the news provider.

Fred Wilson, the vice-chairman and principal of Union Square Ventures, told last week that a good domain name is "an important success factor" when launching online.

Posted by Henry Thomas

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