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 Friday, 10th June 2011, 16:59:28

Businesses underprepared for switch to IPv6 domain name addressing system

Businesses underprepared for switch to IPv6 domain name addressing system

Following World IPv6 Day this week, ICSA Labs has issued new advice to businesses and organisations transitioning away from the IPv4 domain name addressing system.

IPv4 has been in place since 1980s, but nearly all the available addresses have been used up, making a switch to IPv6 of pressing concern.

ICSA Labs, which is an independent division of the Verizon group and deals with computer security issues, said that many firms are underprepared for the switch over, which will likely take place in the coming years.

George Japak, managing director of the company, said: "Businesses and government agencies, especially those with large IT organisations, are now trying to figure out how to transition to IPv6.

"Ensuring that networks, servers and applications function properly so that business operations continue to run uninterrupted can be a real challenge, especially for organizations lacking in-house IPv6 expertise."

ICSA Labs recommended acting now to avoid interoperability issues down the line, leveraging the expertise of third parties and making sure that IPv6 operates at the application layer, as well as at the network level.

Meanwhile, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has revealed that it will be further opening up the domain name registration system in future months.

Posted by Henry Thomas

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