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 Monday, 21st February 2011, 16:48:14

Domain names have value like commercial real estate, expert says

Domain names have value like commercial real estate, expert says

Domain names have an "inherent value" that can be likened to commercial real estate, according to an industry expert.

Jeff Kupietzky, chief executive of Oversee, told the LA Business Journal that domain names have a large value to businesses and should be treated in the same way as physical items.

His comments come after it was revealed in the Boston Herald that Columbia is going to export its .co domain name suffix in the hope that it becomes as popular as .com in the coming years.

Two hundred of the .co names were auctioned earlier this month, selling at a fraction of the cost of more popular suffixes.

Mr Kupietzky added that the value of domain names can continue to grow even after purchase.

"Domain names have an inherent value like commercial real estate," he told the news provider.

"The fact that they can be bought and sold is one part of their value. Ultimately, they will be developed or built out."

Posted by Henry Thomas

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