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 Friday, 21st August 2009, 11:30:00

Generic domain names 'are better for small companies'

Generic domain names 'are better for small companies'

Small firms should be looking at generic domain names rather than branded web addresses, it has been suggested.

Elliot's Blog explained that on search engines such as Google and Yahoo! there are many more searches for terms such as "candy" than there are for company names like Hershey.

"Organic search results are much less expensive and they don't require the same amount of money for constant upkeep," it commented.

Indeed, the website cited figures from the last month, which showed that there were more than one million searches for the former and under 100,000 for the latter.

One firm clearly recognised this fact as the domain name was recently purchased for $3 million (£1.82 million).

According to Elliot's Blog, small companies are particularly likely to benefit from generic domain names as their brand will not be as well as established as that of major firms with huge marketing budgets.

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